ImSolo Rewards

Influencers, youtubers & players can get bots for imsolo party servers.

The extension will always stay FREE !

Youtuber rewards : Posting a video with the extension, or posting a video of you playing on our servers gets you instantly 25 bots for xTime. When your video reaches 200 views, you can claim 25 bots for xTime again. You can do it unlimited times. Videos with 1000+ views can make you get : 50 bots for xTime, or 30 bots 2 times for xTime.

Influencer rewards : articles and webpages promoting the solo extension, and solo players inviting other solo players (more than 10 in the discord server) can get : 25 bots xTime. Streamers with more than 20 viewers at the same time will get 25 bots for xTime

Player rewards : On events, winners can get from : 15 to 30 bots for xTime on the imsolo party bots servers

Community rewards : Players and Youtubers making good compilations, or edited videos to upload on ThebigbossCE's channel for community clips can get: 30 to 50 bots for xTime on the imsolo party bots servers. The bot amount depends of the quality of the clips and of the video.

Note : xTime means that you keep the bots UNTIL you decide to refresh the game OR change server.